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Snore stoppA has proven itself time and again in helping people all over the world correct their breathing whilst asleep. At Snore stoppA we believe that good breathing can be the most powerful, life-changing thing you can do. Mouth breathing and snoring have been proven to cause major health problems if not corrected.

The use of the patch over the mouth during sleep, to regulate breathing and stop snoring was developed by Professor Buteyko a leading international doctor and the founder of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health, with
hundreds of thousands of people around the world now using this principal every night .

Snore StoppA is a TGA medically approved device designed to keep the mouth closed during sleep and to assist in the reduction of snoring. The snore patch is the flexible, simple, safe, comfortable and easy to use, and is BPA,
PVC, hypoallergenic, Latex Free and skin friendly.  Our simple yet effective Snore Patch encourages good, regulated nose breathing and the most cost-effective way to help stop snoring.

Snore stoppA holds the jaw in place and keeps the mouth closed without covering the mouth. Remove the backing strip from the Snore stoppA patch. Close your mouth and then place the Snore Patch neatly and firmly along your lower lip , ensuring a good seal all the way around. Make sure the face and lips are free of any night cream or moisturizer. For men with facial hair may restrict a desired seal.

C Snore stoppA is simple, safe, comfortable and easy to use. It is recommended that the Snore Patch be used for one night only for hygienic reasons. There is a tab on each side for easy removal For around a $1 dollar a day, we hope you (and your partner) soon begin to enjoy sleeping again and waking refreshed. Snoring has been medically proven to contribute to major health problems and is associated with disrupted sleep and an increased risk for sleep apnea.
Snoring and associated hyperventilation can also cause or exacerbate asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Indirectly, snoring can impact negatively on relationships. The effects can range from poor sleeping patterns to domestic tension. There are widespread reports of bed-partners resorting to earplugs or sleeping in another room.

Snoring has been documented as the major cause of some marriage breakdown

Dangers of Mouth Breathing

When we breathe naturally, through the nose, the small hairs in the nostrils filter dust and other airborne foreign matter, creating a protective barrier for the respiratory organs. When a breath is taken through the mouth, there is
nothing to strain the air; from mouth to lungs, any dirt or impure substance has a clear track and the entire respiratory system is unprotected.

Many contagious diseases are contracted by the habit of mouth-breathing. Carefully conducted scientific experiments have shown that soldiers and sailors who sleep with their mouths open are much more liable to contract
contagious diseases than those who breathe properly through the nostrils. An instance is related in which smallpox became epidemic on a British man-of-war in during the 1800’s, and every death which resulted was that of some sailor or marine who was a mouth-breather, not a single nostril-breather succumbing. The organs of respiration have their only protective apparatus, filter, or dust-catcher, in the nostrils.

When the breath is taken through the mouth, there is nothing from mouth to lungs to strain the air, or to catch the
dust and other foreign matter in the air. From mouth to lungs the dirt or impure substance has a clear track and the entire respiratory system is unprotected. Moreover, such incorrect breathing admits cold air to the organs, thereby
injuring them.

Inflammation of the respiratory organs often results from the inhalation of cold air through the mouth. The person, who breathes through the mouth at night,  always awakens with a parched feeling in the mouth and dryness in the
throat. They are violating one of nature’s laws and are sowing the seeds of disease. Once more, remember the mouth affords no protection to the respiratory organs, and cold air, dust and impurities and germs readily enter by that door. On other hand, nostrils and nasal passages show evidence of careful design of nature.

Snore stoppA may be a simple yet effective solution to this problem. Just by helping one person get a better night’s sleep, you have made an impact!